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Bespoke Bike Fitting
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It is clear that Dean has expert knowledge with regards to bike fitting and is able to use that to tailor the bike fit to a specific rider's needs, offering a friendly and interactive service.

W Featherstone 17/1/19

Dean Barrett Bsc (Hons) Ost Cert Ed

At Bike Fit Swindon we fit body to bike and bike to body.

Dean is a registered Osteopath, sports injury specialist and all round cycling obsessive.

Who can benefit from a bike fit?

Everyone who rides a bike can benefit from a professional bike fit. Whether you are a commuter, weekend warrior or professional cyclist every moment spent in the saddle should be enjoyable. By having your bike fitted by someone that really understands your body as much as your bike, any pre-existing injury or postural strain can be taken into account and addressed during the fit. This may include specific exercises needed to correct postural strains or even referral for osteopathic treatment to improve function on and off the bike.


Common areas for discomfort on the bike

- Low Back Pain


- Upper Back and Neck Fatigue


- Knee Pain

- Numbness in Hands or Feet


- Saddle Discomfort

What you need to bring along for your fitting
  • Wear your usual cycling kit

  • Bring the bike you ride the most, subject to time we may be able to fit winter and race bike

  • Cycling shoes with cleats in good condition, its not worth spending lots of time setting up worn cleats!

  • Your power meter if you have one

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