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Step 1

The first step of any bike fit is to have a discussion on the type of cycling you do, what your goals are and any areas of discomfort on the bike.

We will then carry out a full assessment of pre-existing injuries along with flexibility and core strength tests.

The more interesting the better! We specialize in fitting people with:

  • History of back pain

  • Spinal fusion

  • Hip and knee osteoarthritis

  • Leg length discrepancies

  • Shoulder impingement conditions










Step 2


Static on the bike assessment

  • Cleat position fore and aft

  • Knee over spindle position

  • Knee/ankle/hip angle

  • Open shoulder angle

  • Torso angle

  • Wrist position

  • Shoulder width

Step 3


Make basic adjustments to bike:

  • Adjust cleat fore and aft position

  • Adjust saddle height

  • Adjust saddle fore and aft

  • Adjust stem height

  • Change stem if required for reach adjustment

  • Angle bars to correct wrist position

Step 4


Dynamic on the bike assessment

  • Foot internal / external rotation

  • Lateral and Medial tracking of knees

  • Fine tune sadle height

  • Adjust cleat for functional leg length discrepency

  • Adjust cleat for forefoot varus and valgus


Step 5


 Final checks

  • Record all measurments and adjustments made

  • Check all bolts are tightened to the correct torque

  • Discuss exercise plan to correct any muscle imbalance

  • E-mail report

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